Mar 15

Downtown Sanders Beach Home for Sale!

It’s all about the location!  We all love Sanders Beach!  This cute home just came on the market, as a Bank REO.  Offers are due Monday!  Call me if you’re interested!  Cindy Sweeney 208-660-8207.

711S11th Coeur dalene


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  1. Debbie

    Could this be zoned for commercial use?
    I can be reached at (208) 446-7424,


    Debbie Dirks

  2. Debbie

    Is this zoned commercial?
    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Debbie Ward

  3. Debbie

    Is this home still for sale downtown Sanders Beach?
    How many square feet is it etc.

    I can be reached at (208) 446-7424.



    1. Cindy Sweeney

      Hi Debbie,
      Have any of the homes looked interesting that I’ve sent the links for? How can I help you at this time?

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