Nov 02

Lake Coeur d’alene summer 2014

It must have been a great summer if I haven’t posted one blog since the first of June! I think this was the best summer weather we’ve had in years, but I bet I say that every year!  My family and I enjoyed it to the fullest with all of our outdoor activities.  My husband ventured motorcycle riding every Sunday, while I chose to paddle board!  I gathered up some neighbors and girlfriends at least twice a week to meet at Sanders Beach!  The best times were early mornings on the weekends and evenings during the week, mostly avoiding the choppy water from the boat traffic!  I ventured over the Lake Fernan and also the Cd’A River a couple of times!  Sanders Beach, at 12th street was uncrowded and smooth waters!  Hope you enjoyed your summer as well and I promise to blog more often.  Cheers to our lovely fall season!

Paddle Boarding

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